Jack Skuller Turns Heartache Into a Vision of Hope on “Echo”

Jack Skuller, photo courtesy the artist

Jack Skuller uses a simple device to bring an added layer dreamlike whimsy to his song “Echo” from his debut album Draw the Lucky Card (which dropped on October 15, 2022) with a drawn out note that sounds like a chord stretched out. This thread of a musical idea runs through Skuller ruminating on a love that has perhaps fallen on challenging times or faded off for the moment but which comes to visit his idle thoughts drawing him in to romantic reverie and symbols of a future for relationship. The line about “When I’m down in the valley and the grass is green” and the concept of the echo as a reminder in a positive sense with the suggestion of a depth that we can take for granted especially in our low moments and for Skuller in this song it seems to be one of a connection that he can’t forget and doesn’t want to let go even though things might seem at an ebb because it was genuine and strong. Skuller’s album seems to be a series of reflections on his life and the quirks of fortune that can shape character and his knack for a contemplative yet warm melody is one of its finest features. Listen to “Echo” on Soundcloud and follow Skuller at the links below.

Jack Skuller on TikTok

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