Sun Kin Invites Us Into the Mysterious and Wondrous World of the Beaked Whale on Ambient Track “nursery talk”

Sun Kin, photo from Bandcamp

In the background of Sun Kin’s “nursery talk” you can hear breaths over the dimly luminous tones like distant sunlight beneath the sea. The track comes from Sun Kin’s 2022 release painting whales, part 2, the second in the “Painting Whales” series, and one inspired in part by Ziphindae, the family of beaked whales of which we know very little and who are among the deepest diving of mamals with the Cuvier’s species going down to nearly two miles aka parts of the ocean the human race knows little about. The photo from this installment of the series appears to be one of the whales breaching the waters of the antarctic, a traveler of spaces humans tend to avoid. Sun Kin composer Kabir Kumar expresses the wonder and mystery of these creatures in the music that takes on the form of flowing drones, impressionistic guitar tones and a beatless, informal, intuitive structure that evades the human tendency for seeking organization that has clear lines and separations of self from nature and environment imposing a psychological and cultural meaning that would be alien to a whale. In conveying an approximation of a break from standard pop music forms and even conventions of ambient music, Kumar invites us to try on a way of listening and feeling that may seem otherworldly but which is adopted with ease. Listen to “nursery talk” on Bandcamp and follow Sun Kin at the links provided.

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