The Night Agent’s Synth Pop Single “When You Dream” Celebrates the Sweet Anticipation of Romantic Reunion

The Night Agent, photo by Nikola Stankovic

The Night Agent began life when playwright and writer Jacob Hirdwall started releasing music under that moniker in 2020 involving singer and actor Christopher Wollter and guitarist Janne Schaffer (ABBA, Bob Marley, Ted Gärdestad). But in 2022 the trio has assembled with the intention of performing live music. The single “When You Dream” is teeming with bright synth melodies and widely expressive vocals reminiscent in moments of those of Interpol singer Paul Banks. The song is a melancholic yearning for a loved one who is by circumstance far away in distance and time. But the tone is one of mutual reassurance of the inevitable reunion. “When you dream, dream of me,” is the refrain but in a way that is filled with the anticipation of finally connecting again. It’s synth pop sound has resonance with something out of the 80s and with some tasty guitar solo work that enhances the sense of dramatic romance that runs throughout the track. Listen to “When You Dream” on Spotify where you can check out the rest of the debut The Night Agent album Stars Above Us which released on November 18, 2022.


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