Totem Pocket Exudes the Vibrant Energy of Turning Private Joyful Catharsis Into Expansively Colorful Music With “Keep It In Your Mind”

Totem Pocket, photo courtesy the artists

“Keep It In Your Mind,” the final track on Totem Pocket’s self-titled album that dropped on September 30, 2022 is a maximalist rock summary of what you’re in for in listening to the band and seeing it live. One hears vocals slightly behind the mix like something you’d hear on a Dinosaur Jr record. But there is an orchestration of tones and a swirling and energetic flow of guitar and percussion that in spite of being fairly spirited comes off as introspective. Like it was born of capturing private moments of joy and discovery and the catharsis that comes from being able to give voice to the kinds of feelings one has alone in creating the music. The touchstones are there with the tone bending toward the end of the song like the trailing ends of Loveless and the psychedelic freakout jam when Built To Spill launches into a confessional sprawl of yearning and reaching for connection with something bigger. Somewhere in the architecture of the music one can detect how maybe the members of the band had discovered playing rock music in some style popular among their collective peers but then got so bored with the conformity of that comfort and the fake rewards of adolescent popularity and decided to tumble headlong into more cosmic sonic territory as a palette for expressing genuine feeling. Listen to “Keep It In Your Mind” Bandcamp and follow Denver-based Totem Pocket at the links below.

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