“Too Long” by Graphinity is a Melancholic Hip-Hop Song About Leaning Into Feeling the Hurt of Heartbreak

Graphinity, photo courtesy the artist

Graphinity eases into “Too Long” with some lo-fi moody guitar work that loops throughout the song and helps to maintain a melancholic spirit befitting the vivid tale of heartbreak. The song is one of a modern relationship with references to electronic communication and social media accounts like Tumblr through which we get a glimpse, at best, into the lives of others when we can’t be around them. The level of details feels very real here even if there’s any consolidation of experiences informing the songwriting like how our narrator bonds with the object of his affection over things like being an older sibling and being a flawed person who accepts those flaws in others only to find that the level of understanding and devotion he’s brought to the situation isn’t returned. He feels like he’s given so much of himself but in the end maybe he’s chosen to connect with someone who isn’t interested after all and that the emotional investment they shared didn’t seem to mean as much and he feels hurt and lost in the end. We hear some anger and resentment in the song but mostly it’s just the hurt and the raw vulnerability in being so confessional about where things sit and beyond the bitterness a willingness to accept that hurt as a genuine feeling and one that is better to feel in full rather than bury it in a secret place in the psyche. Listen to “Too Long” on Spotify and follow Graphinity at the links provided.

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