Purple Decades’ “Geometry” is the Sound of the Tranquility of Unstructured Time

Purple Decades, photo courtesy the artist

In a series of repeating hazy swells that never seems repetitive, Purple Decades’ “Geometry” sounds like what it would be like to be able to lay back onto thermal drifts into a warm sunset. As you float leisurely over waters reflecting the waning sun in purples and vibrant orange off the waves of the tide coming into shore your mind eases out of the mundane concerns that dominate your life and you enter into a mode of pure feeling and acceptance of a tranquility that can’t exist if you’re always at the beck and call of the immersive demands of economy as we generally live in modern life. And for several moments you can remember that living doesn’t mean surrendering and subjecting every moment to and thought and feeling to how it can be monetized and that it is possible to let that mentality go and imagine and even make a world where you can not just indulge but encourage unstructured time for everyone at their own pace and have a society where not everything is aimed at commerce and an unending rat race. Listen to “Geometry” on Bandcamp and follow Purple Decades at the links below.

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