12 Ruinas Weave a Deep Sense of Menace and Ambient Horror in the Video for the Dark, Industrial Hip-Hop Song “Como Fue”

Miami-based Cuban rap group 12 Ruinas offer an ominous music video to accompany the sinister-sounds of the song “Como Fue” (“As Was” in English). We see a figure who has driven to a wooded area with a satchel who seems to be looking to find a place to hide or otherwise dispose of the contents. He comes upon a chilling scene of a man who has been bound and gagged. The whole video looks like it was filmed in the early 80s with sepia tones like something a serial killer or the murderer for a gang is using to catalog his misdeeds. And indeed at the end of the video the man with the satchel appears to be finishing off the man who has been left in forest. What was his crime? Perhaps if this writer’s knowledge of Spanish was greater that would be obvious but the dark, industrial synth drone that lurks in the background of the song is undeniably creepy in a way that enhances the rapping that sounds like it’s telling the lurid tale of gangland crime and the dark underbelly of local culture with visuals that are more compelling than most true crime or horror cinema of recent years. Together it creates a deep mood that fans of the recent horror film The Black Phone might appreciate for its grimy tones and unsettling atmosphere. Watch the video for “Como Fue” on YouTube and follow 12 Ruinas at the links below.

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