YUNGMORPHEUS Chooses Integrity and Living According to One’s Moral Compass on “Distant Place”

“Distant Place” finds YUNGMORPHEUS dabbling into the similar realms of intuitive musical spaces that Flying Lotus dipped into in terms of the seemingly casual flow of jazz samples and tightly syncopated drums with impressionistic vocals that seem to tell the story of a guy who had to get out of realms of work and life situations that required compromising one’s integrity. It sounds like the kind of music you’d want to hear if you got off a New York subway late in the evening but not ready to go home and stumbled into a residency of a hip-hop crew that’s doing something rooted in classic style and experimentation and inspired by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and Cannibal Ox. Listen to “Distant Place” on Spotify and follow YUNGMORPHEUS at the links below. The project’s new EP Burnished Sums dropped on November 18, 2022.


Author: simianthinker

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