BATTS Embraces the Art of Patience in Making it Through Life’s Melancholic Downturns on “Linger”

BATTS, photo by Lisa Fave

BATTS has often incorporated elements of space exploration in her earlier music. But for “Linger” featuring contributions from Deep Sea Diver there is a tender and rooted quality to the songwriting that is suited to its themes of a relationship on the rocks complicated by depression and the ways one can pull oneself out of that dark pit of the psyche and have any hope of repairing the bond through reconnecting with the things that made things work. Only to find out even those things aren’t having the effects they once did. But BATTS seems to sense that often being patient through these particularly low points and not acting on the impulses of a diminished capacity for vibrant emotional response can be the only way to get through. The lonely keyboard work in the beginning slowly blooms into a rush of sounds and feeling when joined by piano and the pulse of electronic bass and Deep Sea Diver’s backing vocals. This swell of sonics is like a hint of better times ahead that seem impossible in the moment and the song works on that level while honoring the feelings of being on the bottom end of things. Listen to “Linger” on Spotify and connect with BATTS at the links provided.

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