Alicia Clara Leaves Behind the Extended Neglect of Her Dreams and Her Joy on “I Let My Plant Die”

Alicia Clara, photo by Tess Roby

Alicia Clara evokes a sense of memory on “I Let My Plant Die” that is more revelatory rather than tinged by the romanticizing lens of typical nostalgia. The soft yet effervescent synth tones paired with gently strummed guitar and the intimate sound of Clara’s vocals cast as though simultaneously writing a diary entry and conveying a personal secret convey a sense of daydreams as a path out of the limitations of the life to which one has grown accustomed. Alix Bortoli’s treatment of the song looks like a camcorder record of summertime adventures that are part of memory and an anticipated future reality. At least if one can break free of the stasis of winter. Is it a parable for the pandemic especially with the titular line “I let my plant die waiting fr spring/But March never really came”? Perhaps not but the song comes off like a pop song version of hypnotic suggestion to tease one into the habits and patterns that lead out of being bogged down by a headspace that keeps you trapped in the same circles that stifle the natural forward momentum of life and ways of living that have become rote even when they don’t fully serve living fully. The metaphor of letting one’s plant die as neglecting your dreams and your joy could have been a bit on the nose but here it seems poetic. Watch the video for “I Let My Plant Die” on YouTube and follow Alicia Clara at the links below. Here new EP Velveteen released on October 28, 2022 (Hot Tramp Records).

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