Unwed Sailor’s Exuberant and Bright “Windy City Dreams” Points to New Sonic Directions for the 2023 Album Mute the Charm

Unwed Sailor, photo courtesy the artist

“Windy City Dreams” is the lead track from Unwed Sailor’s forthcoming album Mute the Charm (2023, Spartan Records) and it points to the stylistically divergent direction of the new record. Its brisk pace and layers of spiraling guitar melody over pulsing bass lines and finely syncopated percussion is brightened by subtle synth tones that drift in and out like the sunlight on a bright but partly cloudy and yes windy day. As the song progresses the instrumentation coalesces into blooms that strike nearly discordant shapes like a brief flurry before landing back into an exuberant forward path. It’s the kind of song that feels like Unwed Sailor is forging a new creative path beyond the captivating post-rock and organic ambient style that many fans of the band may know. Listen to “Windy City Dreams” on YouTube and follow the Seattle-based band Unwed Sailor at the links below.

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