Elegy’s Jangle Pop Single “Mississippi” is a Song For Anyone That Has Ever Felt Penned in by All Too Familiar Places

As Elegy’s “Mississippi” begins one is reminded of classic 1980s power pop with the guitar jangle and vocals that are strong on emotion and texture if slightly rough around the edges in a way that is often more compelling than something more in the pocket of mainstream pop. The title of the song suggests it might be about a place but really the song is about a memory that a place may bring strongly to mind. This one about a time long ago about a time when someone you once trusted betrayed it by working to get you to question yourself and your own self-worth and the spirited resistance to that kind of behavior. It’s a song in which a certain place brings back these memories and ties it to a sense of needing to break free of old habits, patterns and associations in order to live with joy and integrity. Fans of records produced by Mitch Easter will appreciate the feel and songwriting style and how it transcends the specificity of time and place and speaks to relatable experiences for anyone who has felt like the place they’re from is too small and provincial whether in the titular Mississippi or New York. Listen to “Mississippi” on YouTube and follow Elegy at the links below.

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