Sea Glass and Misty Boyce Transform Soul Pop Classic “Get Ready” Into an Otherworldly Downtempo Ode to Desire

Sea Glass, photo courtesy the artist

Sea Glass completely transforms the 1966 hit song by The Temptations “Get Ready” with vocals from Misty Boyce. There is a lurking bass line in the background that swims in the shimmery synths and simmering percussion and soft-shuffling beats. Touches of lingering guitar haunt the edges of the melody. It might even be a borderline creepy song but Boyce’s sweetly melodic vocals sit in the mix to elevate the mood a bit. At times the synth drone recalls the underlying sultry and mysterious sound of Talk Talk’s music from The Colour of Spring (1986). Overall this treatment taps into the core melodic vibes of the original but rather than earthy affection of the original this one offers an ethereal and otherworldly expression of desire that suits its more downtempo aesthetic. But in the end it reaffirms the high quality of the songwriting that Smokey Robinson put forth some six decades ago with an clear resonance with the sensibilities of the present. Listen to “Get Ready” on YouTube and follow Sea Glass at the links provided.

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