When Humans Had Wings Aims to Break Out of Pedestrian Existence With the Art Pop Song “The Madness of the Saints”

The name When Humans Had Wings and a song “The Madness of the Saints” are promising enough, suggesting imaginative music to be heard. The spacious piano work and introspective vocal in the first third of the song lead us into expansive spectral organ that sounds like having wandered through a large building of enclosed passages and emerging into an outdoor courtyard with a clear view of a night sky rich with a vivid starfield. Then the song brings us back with the lonely piano figure and a companion piano part that serves as a moody drone. The song from the 2022 album Run Rabbit Run! is a meditation on the ability of imagination and dreams to work through subconscious oppression and personal liberation. For this track the symbol of saints who during their lifetime were and are often perceived as insane but who are in contact with a higher truth that is out of step with prevailing thoughts and ways of being. Which is an aspect of being an artist driven to create work that resonates beyond the immediate dopamine shot of a great hook or riff or banger moment. The complex structures of this song and other tracks on the album a filtered through a pop song format but in that gives an unexpected dimensionality to songs that often often veer off the map of alternative pop into a modern version of art rock. Listen to “The Madness of the Saints” on Spotify and follow When Humans Had Wings at the links provided.

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