MOONBEAN Encourages Potential Lovers to Embrace Vulnerability on Exuberant and Moody Synth Pop Single “rock vs ocn”

MOONBEAN, photo by Colin Harrington

MOONBEAN taps into a strong and vivid mood on its single “rck vs ocn” as though capturing the vibe of an underground club in Berlin or its hometown of Toronto. The title suggests the immage of a rock vs. ocean per the opening line of “My heart is a wave/Your body is a rock/I splash against your skin/But you don’t let, no you don’t let/Your barrier down.” The lyrics further lay out lines that describe how people will often meet with an initial disconnect and communication challenges until they learn to be vulnerable without losing themselves and allowing their own energies to mix with that of another in a way that makes real, vibrant connection possible. The pulsing bassline and the ghostly main synth melody float over pulses of tone as the vocalist tells this story of someone trying to get past someone’s automatic emotional defenses and in these irresistible rhythms and immersive melodies one can imagine that barrier dissolving just enough. Fans of Eurhythmics, Actors and the unusual “New Wave” music at Tech Noir in the film The Terminator will appreciate the retro-futuristic techno pop style MOONBEAN puts forth in this song. It can be scary to open up to someone and let your own barrier down as embodied in this song with the mysterious tenor of the synth line but it also hints at the rewards of being willing to for the right person. Listen to “rck vs ocn” on Spotify and follow MOONBEAN at the links below.

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