Queen City Sounds Podcast S2E7: TripLip

TripLip, photo by Tom Murphy

TripLip is an experimental rock band from Denver formed in 2010. The persistent duo of drummer Patrick Sutton and bassist Kevin “Enji” Schultz have been a mainstay of the Denver underground although with few releases under its belt. Sutton and Schultz came up during formative years in the small town of Elizabeth, Colorado where they formed their earliest bands and played their earliest shows and were in the same social circles as future members of experimental rock band Facial and comedian Sam Tallent and Clay DeHaan who were part of their own bass and drum punk project Red Vs. Black. Around the time of the formation of the band Sutton and Schultz and some of their Elizabeth friends moved into a house at 29th Avenue and California and dubbed it Mouth House, one of the most active and important DIY spaces of that era that included Rhinoceropolis, Glob, Blast-O-Mat/Seventh Circle Music Collective, Unit E, GNU: Experience Galley, TeaHaus, The Wasteland, The Weather Center and Megahouse. With Mouth Bomb Records and the studio where DeHaan recorded numerous records for a few years as well as the ‘zine the group produced that included the calendars of select other DIY spaces, Mouth House was very much a community hub in the Denver and national and even international music underground. Unfortunately, Mouth House came to an end when the police busted a show on Halloween 2012. The group of people who made the space happen continued with the Mouth Bomb Records umbrella to produce events like the Festibowl music festival. During the TripLip’s early touring days Sutton and Schultz met legendary kabuki and kaiju themed surf rock band DaiKaiju from Alabama while on tour in The Yellowhammer State and became fast friends. These days when DaiKaiju tours through Colorado, TripLip has found the appropriate places for the bombastic group to thrill people that show up. Up to now TripLip has no formal released recordings outside of a live EP on Bandcamp but in 2023 the group plans on its first full length album currently in the works.

Listen to our interview with TripLip on Bandcamp and witness their hijinks this weekend with two Denver shows with DaiKaiju on Saturday (10.08) at The Squire Lounge and on Sunday (10.09) at 715 Club.


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