DARLING.’s Poignantly Falling Out of Love Shoegaze Song “Midnight” Has a Sound Like the Inversion of Nostalgia

DARLING., photo by Laing Goostrey

DARLING. seems to let all the tones linger into a hazy horizon on its single “Midnight.” The song feels like it was conceived of as echoing in a large space with shadowy ceilings and walls too distant to immediately discern. This has the effect of being melancholically reflective and feeling cut off from familiar people and places and left to process complicated emotions around a relationship that appears to be dissolving with nothing to fill that eroding place in your heart. What makes the song especially poignant is how how the lyrics aren’t angry, they don’t point in any directions, they just describe the sensations and the feelings of uncertainty and confusion when things don’t seem to be working the way they once were. The creative use of piano and then an emphasis on synth and rapidly shimmering, pitch shifted guitar swells and the dual vocals give a depth of expression to the song that lingers with you long after its over such is cumulative expression of sliding into a resigned loneliness that isn’t painful in a way that has an easily processed immediacy but something more common in adulthood and that is the unexpected drift that can happen in relationships that have gone on for some time and there is an inertia that has kept them going but the spirit to maintain it just isn’t there and there may not even be good, logical reasons why. Mood-wise it’s reminiscent of early Beach House but cold and sorrowful rather than warm and affectionate, like an inversion of nostalgia. Listen to “Midnight” on Spotify and follow DARLING. at the links below.

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