The ttypes’ “73 78 Honey” is a Blissful Reimagining of Beck’s Remix of Philip Glass Compositions “NYC 73-78”

ttypes, photo courtesy the artist

Perhaps it’s as much a commentary of the modern era of electronic music as it is an interesting experiment but ttypes doing “73 78 Honey” as a reworking of Beck’s remix of Philip Glass compositions as “NYC 73-78” is not merely meta. Adding vocals, processing others, changing the focus and tenor of the music but not the expansive spirit the elements of the song are brought into focus and rendered into the kind of psychedelic pop song one might have expected out of the Beach Boys at their most experimental or Animal Collective when aiming at a more classical sonic architecture. The repeated choruses swim in musical sunlight and in the end fade out blissfully into the infinite distance like a flight home into the rising sun. Listen to “73 78 Honey” on YouTube and follow ttypes at the links below.

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