The Soothing Expansiveness of green typewriters’ “europa” is an Oasis of Tranquil Cosmic Psychedelia

green typewriters in 2011, photo by Tom Murphy

The debut single by Denver-based psychedelic indiepop band green typewriters contains touchstone nods to other music but “europa” is so idiosyncratic and born of an individual vision that one hopes to encounter in the crowded world of the modern musical landscape. The music video for the song features vocalist Gioja (prononced “joya”) Lacy languishing playfully about contemplating cosmic imponderables as streams of animated starlight emanate from the box of imagery sitting on a field of stars. Her image is awash in purples and pinks and touches of warm colors to convey an unmistakable dreamlike quality. And musically one hears in its slowly undulating depths hints of early Bowie and the hauntingly languid pacing of T. Rex’s “Cosmic Dancer.” A touch of the compassionate moods of Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize?” And in this song there are sentiments of looking to the stars but really to powers and presences beyond the obvious of everyday life. The arrangements of brushed percussion, saxophone and trombone shouldn’t work but tied together with Lacey’s vocals and the way the song moves like a wave of lived memory, reliving a pleasant dream that’s a reminder that as challenging as things can be that there is a space of peace and possibility within you that you can tap into to weather those struggles and find some element of the magical at any point in your day. And like the aforementioned artists green typewriters seem to find a way to convey how we need not be completely defined by or trapped by the mundanity and drudgery of our immediate surroundings. Certainly the 1970s in the UK had more than its fair share of bland oppression and today you don’t have to look far to find something to find depressing and anxiety-inducing. But wallowing there endlessly serves no good purpose and music like this can be a thread out of the seemingly endless barrage of despair floating about. Watch the video for “europa” on YouTube. The track is the first song on the group’s new album The Solar Anus and you can listen to the rest of the long-awaited debut album by the duo on Bandcamp and to follow green typewriters visit its LinkTree below.

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