Buick Audra’s “Afraid of Flying” is an Emotionally Complex Song of Self-Acceptance and an Embrace of Life’s Ambiguities

Buick Audra, photo courtesy the artist

“Afraid of Flying” is the kind of reflective song that could feel more melancholy or resigned. And there is a note of resignation in Buick Audra’s lyrics but her tone is more about self-acceptance and owning up to her development and shortcomings as a human who is struggling with her own insecurities and flaws to live with dignity and integrity and trying to learn about how she relates to herself and other people and not get lost in someone else while still somewhat lost in oneself from time to time. The expressiveness of Audra’s vocals is perhaps the most impressive aspect of the song and paired with imaginative rhythm guitar that lends the track a free flowing warmth its pretty irresistible as a pop song with some emotional complexity and depth to it that stays with you not as a weight but as an uplifting energy that comes of hearing someone express ideas and feelings that don’t fit into the positive or negative paradigm of how we’re supposed to feel about life and relationships. In the music video Audra changes outfits and in a way that makes sense for the song and its message sheds outmoded ways of being and puts on those that better suit an evolved mindset that is more sustainable in life lived as a real human being. Watch the video for “Afraid Of Flying” (maybe, maybe not a nod to Erica Jong’s 1973 novel Fear of Flying) on YouTube, connect with Buick Audra (also of Friendship Commanders) at the links below and look out for her new album Conversations with My Other Voice out September 23, 2022 with a memoir to follow.

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