Gamblers featuring NOVA ONE Offer an Infectiously Charming, Synth Pop Science Fiction Existential Horror Song and Video With “Preach Your Love”

Gamblers, photo by Stephanie Augello

“Preach Your Love” by Gamblers featuring the infectiously melodic yet enigmatic vocals of NOVA ONE taken in the context of its most unusual video packs a lot of content into a 3:42 synth pop song. It’s sound is reminiscent of early chillwave but the spare production probably wouldn’t have been part of that movement of music. Not this way. Yes, the 1980s VHS instructional video aesthetics are there in perfect sync with the song’s gorgeously transporting flow of engrossing layers of saturated tones while making perfect use of space in the mix. But the lyrics sound like something an AI that doesn’t fully understand human language might use to express affection like the line “I’ll drink your blood to see you” and how that sounds like something some alien read about tribes eating parts of the bodies of the recently deceased to symbolically and not so symbolically reincorporate them into the community. All the while images of what seems to be a cognitive test scrolls on with multiple choice questions and delivered by the mysterious National Division of Metaphysical Expanse. That’s like something straight out of the Cronenberg universe and the video itself like a benevolent version of the videotape from The Ring. Who can say what the inspirations for this entrancing and charming track might be but its ethereal tones and light sonic touch is irresistible if you don’t get too caught up with its sinister yet well-intentioned lyrics. Watch the video for yourself on YouTube, look out for Gamblers’ debut album Small World out 9/25 via Symphonic and follow the project at the links provided.

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