“Toothrot” is headboy’s Delicate Then Defiant Song of Solidarity With the Suffering of Friends

headboy, photo by Joe Magowan

“Toothrot” by headboy begins with the vivid image of someone’s tooth falling out of their mouth onto a friend’s palm who picks it up and puts it away for another day. A whimsical and gentle guitar melody accompanies this almost spoken word part of the song before it escalates into distorted intensity as the lyrics bemoan how one can have toothrot and while doing what one can to prevent the continuing ailment. It’s a song about solidarity with daily life misfortunes and the injustice of a world where some people have to just deal with ailments while others can have them seen to without issue. It’s a song commenting on class issues without being so overt about them because at its core is a very roots level compassion for people on a human level even in situations that might draw judgment from people in the ways they’ve been conditioned to denigrate people for perceived carelessness. The dynamic shift from delicate melody to nearly blown out punk intensity is reminiscent of Butt Trumpet’s great 1993 song “I’m Ugly And I Don’t Know Why” though it’s fairly certain that old Los Angeles punk band isn’t in the mix of influences here but that irreverent spirit of defiance and not needing to fit in with a prevailing punk style resonates. Listen to “Toothrot” on Spotify (out now on Blitzcat) and follow the London-based DIY scene connected band headboy at the links below.

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