The Synth Pop R&B of Kid Travis’ “by the way” Perfectly Captures the Exuberance of Youthful Romance

Kid Travis, photo courtesy the artist

Kid Travis uses the language of youthful infatuation on his single “by the way.” Sentiments that might seem trite when you’re well into adulthood but deeply meaningful to you when you’re a teenager or in your early 20s. Declarations of your beloved’s beauty in simple terms, terms of endearment like “just shut me up and put your lips on mine,” not wanting to say goodbye, telling someone they look good in the “pale moonlight” and saying “You’re so hot like the summertime.” It all seems so quaintly melodramatic when you’ve had some serious life experience and know life and relationships have and require nuance. But the charm of a solid pop song is that they can remind you of a time in your life when you’re not hedging your bets on your feelings, when you exult in these moments when things seem so clear cut without the messiness of balancing adult concerns and the emotional wounds of failed romances and a bad break-up or ten. Kid Travis taps into that unspoken yearning in most people to be able to live life like that again even if only for a few moments once in awhile. There is a purity to that way of being that doesn’t have to rule your whole life but neither does hard won pessimism. The song invokes both an especially soulful side of R&B with Kid Travis’ strong and expressive voice as well as a granular level of detail in composing the synth pop flavored music that sets the mood perfectly with and inventive use of texture, rhythm and melody in the production that gives the track freshness and immediacy worthy of its subject matter. The spare and eclectic guitar work, buoyant bass line and finely accented percussion ground the whole song all while Kid Travis waxes sentimental in the best way. It’s a potent combination of elements. Listen to “By The Way” on Spotify where you can listen to the rest of the new Kid Travis album Sunset Avenue and follow the artist at the links provided.

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