Lake Over Fire’s Gritty Horror-Themed Music Video for “The Devil Provides” Has Tobe Hooper Vibes

Lake Over Fire, photo courtesy the artists

Lake Over Fire’s video for “The Devil Provides” looks like lost footage of the movie Tobe Hooper made on sixteen millimeter after the release of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and discarded in a shed rediscovered nearly 50 years hence. Or the sequel to Antrum. The grainy image quality certainly looks like we’re seeing something forbidden and when the bikers head out into the desert with a cloaked figure, death-like in appearance, looking on the scene takes on a sinister aspect. The music itself is like a strange mix of post-punk, blues rock, crust punk and Dead Kennedys-esque dynamics with vocals that cut through to tell this story of a person who is afflicted with a mysterious condition and fascinated with the darker side of the psyche. Where it seems the pulp storytelling aspect and tongue in cheek seems obvious is in the subtitles that come later in the video separate from the proper lyrics when The Devil makes an appearance with a company of demons to enact a ritual and the dialogue is subtitled as well as the words “[epic guitar solo]” when there is in fact such a tasty performance. Humorous aspects aside there’s no doubting the song doesn’t sit neatly in some predictable genre niche and the aesthetics of the video as well as the production is as good as any of the better, more believable found footage horror films to have come out in the last thirty years. Watch the video for yourself on YouTube and connect with Maine-based Lake Over Fire on Instagram.


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