Etienne Machine’s “Anthracite” is a Genre Eclectic Downtempo Dream Pop Evocation of Contemplation and Yearning

Etienne Machine, photo courtesy the artists

Swiss art pop band Etienne Machine brings to bear an eclectic palette of sounds for its recent Over & Out EP as perhaps best exemplified by closing track “Anthracite.” The lyrics are in French (whereas the lyrics for the other three songs of the release are en Anglais) which if you’re not a French speaker really doesn’t get in the way of the mood evoked and the essential appeal of the song. There is a sensual and melancholic mood to the piece with a rhythm that keeps up a steady momentum that lends the song a continuous sense of forward movement. Justine Tornay’s vocals strike an emotional timbre suggestive of regretful contemplation and yearning. The layers of ethereal guitar, spare synth washes and accents and tastefully textured percussion and liquid, pace setting bass lines give the song an unmistakable allure but of an elusive genre designation as one hears stylistic elements taken from post-punk, dream pop, downtempo and art rock circa Radiohead but without being trapped by the being defined by any of those aesthetics. Listen to “Anthracite” on Spotify and follow Etienne Machine at the links provided.

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