Little Destroyer Offers a Story of a Phone Order Service to Manage Creeps on “hitman”

Little Destroyer, photo by Heather Saitz

Little Destroyer seems to invoke the loose structure and tonal strategy of “Kool Thing” by Sonic Youth on its song “hitman” with an undeniable groove with grit and a sense of menace flowing through it. In Connor McGuire’s video treatment for the song we see that rarest of devices in many cities now: the pay phone. But the song is told from the perspective of a woman who got beyond fed up with all the sexual harassment thrown her way through various means from verbal and not so verbal street assault and unwelcome DMs and attention from creeps who won’t take no for an answer. So what is a woman to do? Why be a hitman, of course, and that word specifically because she would invert the usual meaning a little and offer her services to take out the usual perpetrators of unwanted sexual contact or intent thereof. So people use the pay phone at Kingsgate Mall (in Vancouver, BC, presumably) to get in touch with the “hitman” who will take care of business because, the vocalist of Little Destroyer, Allie Sheldan, sings, “Everybody swears I’m the villain but everybody wants to hire a hitman.” While there is surely more than a tiny bit of irony in the story as a story but when clowns are out acting the fool someone should probably set that boundary in no uncertain terms sometime because, a wise, or at least hard boiled, man named Harry Callahan once said, “A man’s got to know his limitations.” This song is punk in the way maybe an early riot grrrl band would be but more like something you’d hear out of L7 like “Shitlist” or “Fast and Frightening.” All in all ferociously elegant. Watch the video for “hitman” on YouTube and follow Little Destroyer on Spotify linked below.

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