Ellie Madeland Begins to Uncoil Memories of Childhood Emotional Trauma on “Mother Mother”

Ellie Madeland, photo by artist

“Mother Mother” was inspired by songwriter Ellie Madeland’s discovery of a collection of letters between her as a child and her mother written after her parents announced they were getting divorced. The resonating synth line that opens the track before Madeland asks “Mother, mother, where do I go?” establishes a mood of deep reflection. Gentle William’s production is reminiscent ever so slightly of Madonna’s 1986 song “Live to Tell” and its tone of resigned sorrow and loss. Madeland’s vulnerable and raw yet reflective vocal delivery helps the poetry of of lines like “black spots, regrets, I needed a friend in the end” hit harder as Madeland’s words create a powerful emotional memory of a childhood disrupted by the confusion of witnessing her parents split with seemingly not the level of emotional support she needed from someone she felt she could trust. The soundscape is gorgeous and that still doesn’t really blunt the pain Madeland evokes so well while tapping into primal memories that can linger for a lifetime but in exploring them and really feeling them and processing them creatively or hearing that ache in a song has a chance of uncoiling that knot in the psyche. Listen to “Mother Mother” on Soundcloud and follow Ellie Madeland at the links below.

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