Ruben Pol and Matthijs Pol Have a Retro-Flavored Synth Pop Dance Club Hit About Living in Your Authentic Feelings in “Comme Ça”

Ruben Pol, photo courtesy the artist

Ruben Pol and his brother Matthijs Pol have with the single “Comme Ça” a fast-paced synth pop song reminiscent of early Depeche Mode and Re-Flex. Maybe a touch of Flock of Seagulls. The slight distortion on the main synth line and splashes of tone accented by a subtle bass line and a touch of reverb on the vocals make it sound like something from dance club circa 1984 before the music fully entered the mainstream over the following few years. Expert drum programming or sampling lend the track a liveliness that matches the emotional urgency of Pol’s vocals as he sings about not hiding from your feelings or covering them over with a pose to fit in or to conform to arbitrary standards of personal comportment and being willing to express them with a vital authenticity because it feels more right than living with a façade of cool detachment. Listen to “Comme Ça” on Spotify and follow Ruben Pol at the links below.

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