Alexx Artificial’s Video For Lo-Fi Hyperpop Noisegrind Single “Dorito 3D” is a Hip, Trash Culture Science Fiction Mini-Epic

Alexx Artificial, photo courtesy the artist

Alexx Artificial probably couldn’t have made the video for “Dorito 3D” in the 2000s with the same video quality and production. But the aesthetics of some of the video art of the mid-to-late 2000s is there and the song and the visual representation is ahead of the curve in tapping into that period of underground music and art. The music has distorted swells, a simple, pounding and bouncing rhythm, electronic xylophone and vocals that are both laconic with ironic distance and in the peak moments of the song distorted and delivered almost like a death metal song. But there is more than a touch of creative irony here with the main lyrics being: “I like to fill the void, I like to self-destroy, greasy powder in my veins, cheesy triumph on my brain, hooked on you 1-2-3, Dorito 3D.” We see the Doritos scattered throughout and up close being crushed by fingers and fists, animated clapping hands are punched into frame to accent the beat while Jesse St. Clair dances casually wearing mirrored sunglasses and another figure in a green, insectoid mask, presumably Alexx Artificial, playing a keyboard/synth/sampler and screaming vocals along with St. Clair. It’s a strange piece of work and somehow seems so obviously of the moment yet has the rough-edged cool of an old L.A. Vampires music video (think “Make Me Over”). Alexx Artificial cut his teeth in the Houston underground and most notably in Giant Battle Monster so maybe crossed paths with weirdos like Indian Jewelry/Studded Left, The Secret Prostitutes, Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness, B L A C K I E and the like. But Alexx Artificial is very much its own thing in the vein of hyperpop and industrial noise made accessible. Watch the video for “Dorito 3D” on YouTube and follow Alexx Artificial at the links provided.

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