Judah Encourages Us to Look for the Treasures in Life’s Sea of Static on “Roses”

Judah’s deft wordplay on “Roses” displays a keen ear for creative rhythms and nearly granular attention to dynamics. The chill beat with the deep, evocative bass line and melancholic, resonating tones in the melody provide the perfect backdrop to a song expressing a necessary Zen-like approach to life’s struggles when you’re trying to get by and the pitfalls that try to sink you while you’re trying to make a relationship you want happen or to keep it going with someone who shares your perspective of not getting tripped up on the chaff that is just part of the deal with living in America. The line “trying to pick these roses out of all these leaves” provides the central poetic image of the song that taps into cultural references that sketch the outlines of the context for Judah’s sensitive and personally insightful verses and self-aware observations. At times his rhyming is reminiscent of something you’d hear on a Cannibal Ox song and the mood of the song overall of that time in underground hip-hop when artists embraced not just classic hip-hop beatmaking with jazz and funk samples but also crafting their own electronic music composition. Listen to “Roses” on Spotify and follow Judah to be notified when he drops his forthcoming album Judah and The Lonely Kingdom.

Author: simianthinker

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