Empty Cans In Outer Space Soundtrack the Wonder and Perils of Early Space Travel on “Zabble Dub”

Empty Cans In Outer Space’s video for “Zabble Dub” is paired well with the cosmic, IDM dub of the song in its depiction in black and white what looks like training for a space program. The steady electronic percussion makes the brighter tones seem to shine brighter and the warping drones and near white noise shimmering sound drift by and flow freely with a hint of the melancholic and mysterious. When the rocket ship takes off from the launchpad the sounds go more direct. The moment where we watch someone watching the rocket launch is wonderfully meta and not long after we see the first hint of color outside the black and white with the images going red and then the images of astronauts dead with only their skulls visible through the helmets as they sit like Major Tom but in geosynchronous orbit beyond the practical effort to recover, casualties of humankind’s tentative forays beyond the earth, victims of unfortunate circumstances. There was a hint of a tragic and mournful undertone to the song and by the end of the video we find out one possible explanation and yet there is a stark yet richly realized beauty to every aspect of the video and of the music itself. Watch the video for yourself on YouTube and follow Empty Cans In Outer Space on Spotify.

Author: simianthinker

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