Gut Czech Soothes Lingering Feelings of Heartbreak and Regret on the Slowcore/Dream Pop “Mental Inventory”

Gut Czech’s spare guitar figure at the beginning of “Mental Inventory” is a delicate invitation into a song that evolves with an elegantly organic and measured pace. The whole time the vocals and the instrumentation are gently hypnotic and though addressing issues of mental health its dynamic is one of languid drift the way you’d hope to have in your head space when trying to sort out your deepest feelings and the tangled roots of the pains and angst that linger long past the point of heartbreaking experiences and the inevitably overwhelming feelings of regret that can sink your mood if you let them. Josh Czech’s falsetto jibes well with the swell of atmospheres, the adding and subtracting of layers are dramatic without being abrupt leaving moments of tonal saturation at the perfect times to accent contemplative passages and spaciousness when you’re ready for the rush of feelings to subside for just a little while. The melodic strategy is unconventional and yet it sticks with you like a fond memory not unlike what Letting Up Despite Great Faults did on “She Spins” but with a different style of music. There is keen ear for nuances of songwriting and a sense of the ebb and flow of the psyche and pairing them together in evidence in this song. Listen to “Mental Inventory” on Spotify and follow Gut Czech on Instagram.

Author: simianthinker

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