Basement Revolver Reconciles Passion and Tenderness on the Dream Pop Love Ballad “Dissolve”

Heavy, distorted guitar sinks into ethereal guitar atmospheres as the musical equivalent of the title of Basement Revolver’s single “Dissolve.” The words are a tender portrait of feelings of romantic love and the progression from infatuation into something deeper and the recognition of a bond that seems easy and natural. The dual quality of the song really works not just as a metaphor for the emotional dynamic at its core but as musical forces to play off each other and unify in moments to enhance each other and create something new out of formerly fairly disparate elements like Catherine Wheel collaborating with a dream pop band. Listen to “Dissolve” on YouTube, connect with Basement Revolver and the links below and if you’re so inclined pick up a vinyl copy of the group’s new album Embody here.

Basement Revolver on Instagram

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