The Lovelines Ponder the Nature of Love and Desire on the Downtempo “Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower”

The Lovelines enter downtempo jazz pop territory with its latest single “Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower.” A steady drum beat runs through the song while synths flutter about like luminous highlights and bell tones accent the the track with an incandescent tonality lending the track a sensuality befitting its subject matter. The duo’s female singer sounds like someone out of a modern jazz quartet in her cadences and inflections of voice as she ponders the different aspects of love like a flower and how it manifests under various stimuli and in the case of this song of blooming in moonlight and another in sunshine. She also wonders if her own love will come to fruition if properly nurtured and coaxed as well. But the song works as a pure exercise in concise songwriting and formal structure. Because of the production and the blend of organic and electronic its reminiscent of 90s trip-hop but with a refreshing minimalism that draws you in immediately. The subtle details and mini-flourishes of synth and keyboard play really frame the song well as it suggests a contemplation of the roots of desire without having to spell it out to you Listen to “Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower” on YouTube and follow The Lovelines at the links below.

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