Russian Cowboy Sardonically and Enthusiastically Extols the Virtues of an Unglamorous Life on “Same Ol’ Thing”

Russian Cowboy, photo courtesy the artists

There’s no pigeonholing Russian Cowboy’s “Same Ol’ Thing” single. It launches with a bluster of warping out, highly energetic warping guitar riff and driving rhythms to accompany a humorously self-deprecating litany of truly unglamorous life factoids like taking vacations to the speedway, eating only when hungry enough to die and regularly dining from dumpster dive scores, being late to pay child support and on and on. Even with the cartoon of a trailer home with only two wheels enhancing the point of the song there’s something undeniably charming about the way the band perfectly fuses country, punk and psychedelia that is reminiscent of early Gun Club. The gang vocal is as tired as something beaten into the pavement with overuse in the 2000s but Russian Cowboy makes it sound like the only way to cry out the chorus of acknowledging how the treadmill of misery described in the rest of the song is indeed the same ol’ thing—as if to shout to our narrator when are you going to pull yourself out of the existential quagmire? Most songs that are “fun” are wack but not so with “Same Ol’ Thing” by Bloomington, Indiana’s Russian Cowboy and you can listen for yourself on Spotify and connect with the group on Bandcamp linked below.


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