Stephen Roddy Establishes a Sustained Sense of Perilous Urgency on “Darkness Visible”

Stephen Roddy, photo courtesy the artist

A sound analogous to streaming fog brings us into Stephen Roddy’s song “Darkness Visible.” Distorted synths sketch the sonic landscape while a steady beat, high energy drones and simple electronic arpeggios serve as a path through this fraught world where a sense of menace hover all around. It should be the soundtrack for a challenge phase in a horror video game given its mixed aesthetic of dark ambient, 16-bit composition and driving dynamics but works outside of any context but its own as a song that conveys a sense of vague urgency in response to an unseen threat or the paranoid thoughts that enter your mind when you’re on alert walking through a place you’ve been told is or know can be dangerous. Listen to “Darkness Visible” on Spotify and follow Irish electronic musician Stephen Roddy at the links provided.

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