Isserley Exorcises the Dark Corridors of the Wounded Mind on “Nails”

Isserley, photo courtesy the artist

Isserley guides us in to the single “Nails” with lingering, lightly distorted guitar sketches before laying down the caustic heaviness that provides the irresistible moment of the rest of the song. Isserley’s vocals are vulnerable yet powerful imbued with an energy that burns through the dark thoughts the lyrics of “Nails” make so painfully vivid. For anyone that has experienced the deep sense of isolation and enervating psychology of depression, Isserley’s words and delivery couched within the context of epic, doomy drones feels cathartic. Like having to look at and grapple with ideas you don’t want to believe but have internalized over and over even if only on a subconscious level down to how you instinctively interact with the world and your own mind. Less emotionally self-aware people might think such a song is inherently negative or triggers worse moods but paradoxically the honesty of it all affirms the truth of the kinds of things maybe you’ve been feeling or thinking rather than having to shamefully bury it in a dark side of the mind where it festers and becomes an overwhelming monster of your personal psychology. Isserley just set that dark emotional spiral to music that feels like it purges one’s brain of those murky places even if only for a little while and often that can be enough to move onward. Listen to “Nails” on Spotify and connect with Australian heavy music artist Isserley at the links below. Her 2022 album How Do We Know She Is Alive? is now available on Bandcamp for the very reasonable fee of name your price and is not short on other tales of a personal journey through uncomfortable head spaces and psychological horror.

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