Alighted’s “Fold” is Futuristic, Progressive Chillout Music For Humans and Cybernetic Beings Alike

Alighted, photo by Lindsey Best

Alighted is the solo project of composer/producer and creative technologist McLean Macionis who has been involved in the larger creative world of Los Angeles including work in film and television soundtracks. The title track of his late 2021 EP Fold certainly sounds like he has brought to bear a sound design approach to songwriting because the track actually unfolds in measured yet expansive paces. The repeating drones zip past in near slow motions later in the song before the drop out and re-engagement of the rhythm to give the impression of movement. Somehow along the way the song brings to mind what might have happened if the robots in Herbie Hancock’s video for “Rockit” went for a late morning cruise in a futuristic Los Angeles and chilled out for the ride to an ambient techno song. The cover of the EP features a chrome hand gripping the corner of a building like an image out of Heavy Metal magazine so maybe there is something to these odd notions and who’s to say what a cybernetic intelligence might find relaxing. But either way, Macionis has crafted a piece of music that combines elements of IDM, ambient and techno and feels like you’ve taken an emotional journey to a better place where the mind can relax and perhaps function more sharply. Humans and robots can get behind that kind of effect on the consciousness. Listen to “Fold” on Spotify where you can also hear the Plaid remix of the song. And follow Macionis’ music and other creative adventures at the links on his LinkTree.

Alighted and McLean Macionis LinkTree

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