Slim Noir’s Jazz Lounge-Inflected “Traffic” is the Story of a Man Trying to Woo a Jaded Heart

Slim Noir, photo courtesy the artist

Slim Noir uses a cool jazz, downtempo beat to give his song “Traffic” a mood like a late 1950s Hitchcock adventure thriller, lush tones and an air of romance. The lyrics are like a call and response style beginning with a cocky male using his verbal creativity, wit and bravado to let a woman know how and why he admires her including how she’s wild, dangerous and glamorous and for her part the woman responds to this attention with an all but dismissive casualness mentioning the matters that have her attention and focus and it’s not her would be suitor. Not discouraged by this response the guy acknowledges how she had to have heard it all, the litany of flattery from trifling wannabes but to give him a chance. And yet he never sounds pathetic and the song ends with this discussion unresolved. It’s a slice of life and like a bit of cinema reminiscent of some late 90s Tricky capturing a moment in time rather than trying to solve or resolve the disconnect because in those moments of hopefulness of romance is where people are often at their best. Listen to “Traffic” on Spotify and follow Slim Noir at the links below.

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