Ugly Twin’s Dramatic Atmospherics of “Crabs Are Crustaceans” Take Life’s Vulnerable and Private Moments and Makes Them Mythic

Ugly Twin, photo courtesy the artists

The ebb and flow of Ugly Twin’s “Crabs Are Crustaceans” are like the tides themselves with slow swells and surges that are also irresistible like the moods that sometimes crash into your psyche when you’re in a period of peak sensitivity. The melodic bass line leads us in with sustained guitar drone and introspective vocals with the wall of sound giving way to more textured guitar riffs that take us to the edge of a fall off into vistas of distorted waves of feeling and then back to a reflective mood. The dynamic is reminiscent of some of the more soundscapey emo bands of the 90s and early 2000s like Juno and Sunny Day Real Estate and the way they could sound so huge and dramatic and vulnerable all at once. The tactile imagery in the title of the song of having a hard shell and soft insides adds another layer of resonance for the song that seems very relatable in a society where one is expected to always put up a tough front and often internalize it even if it isn’t really who you are. Watch the video for “Crabs Are Crustaceans” on YouTube and listen to the track and more by Ugly Twin on Spotify.

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