Last Name X Utilizes Hip-hop Beats and Sublime Ambient Dream Pop Soundscaping To Untangle Psychic Trauma on “Fade to White”

When “Fade To White” by Last Name X begins it brings such a blissed out yet melancholic mood with a guitar loop that propels the song forward and processed vocals in angelic vocoder tones deliver lines like notes written on tissue paper sent aloft in a breeze. It is this part of the song at the first and last third of the song that expresses a sense of the higher self sensitive to frustrations, struggles and pain that intermingle and help to keep us trapped in a bad place. The middle part of the song with the more human sounding rap gives us some context with words that spell out where things are wrong in a relationship that has fractured and the anger and hurt lingers as a raw feeling. But when the vocoder-processed singing returns the uplifting atmosphere returns to help dissolve and resolve that psychic wound to perhaps enable some healing and moving on through acknowledging the harm and bad blood without a typically dismissive urging someone to move on with a bravado that doesn’t address the knot of darkness that can get stuck in your head for years or a lifetime. The mix of ambient, dream pop and hip-hop on the track makes its impact especially effective tonally but also in the fact of it also not being stuck in a narrow musical identity of its own. Listen to “Fade to White” on Spotify.

Author: simianthinker

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