Sam Rosenzweig Edges Closer to Reconciling a Conflicted Psychology on “Conqueror”

Sam Rosenzweig, photo courtesy the artist

Sam Rosenzweig’s “Conqueror” casts a great internal struggle in terms of a conflict between the self one most closely, consciously identifies and an aspect of one’s psychology that often seems at odds with who we think we are and want to be. Bringing together hazy, distorted synths with acoustic guitars, the songwriter is able to create a highly expressive palette of sounds to give emotional resonant nuance to the almost mythical narrative. Rosenzweig depicts undertones of the reconciliation of internal tensions, impulses and instincts in terms of how the titular conqueror gives him “a light [he] could not see” as in illuminating and providing comprehension of things that he otherwise might never consider. The line “Throw me to the desert, take away the key, I’ll wait until the rocks here begin to speak to me” indicates a willingness to be transformed by this conflict as part of a struggle to becoming a more fully realized human through actual growth and psychological expansion even if it seems like a mysterious process whose outcome your current mindset can’t completely process in this moment. Rosenzweig in effect personalizes this core dynamic of the human mind with accessible lyrics that convey the message in vivid images. Though more a dark Americana song with synths that has more in common with Smog and Talk Talk than some other music that might fall under that broad category, fans of Rome and Angels of Light will appreciate Rosenzweig’s sensitive yet steady and intense vocal delivery and the blend of deeply introspective mood and gritty textures. Listen to “Conqueror” on Spotify and connect with Sam Rosenzweig at the links below.

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