Lazy Queen’s “Bed/Head” is a Tenderly Cathartic Pop-Punk Anthem About Weathering Emotional Trauma

Lazy Queen trick us for the first few moments of “Bed/Head” into thinking we’re going to hear an odd yet endearing synth pop song. The strange and beautiful video treatment by Johan Lundsten solidifies this impression even as the song ramps up into an energetic rock song about mental health issues, the downfalls of self-medication and self-isolation while dealing with anxiety and emotional trauma from a break-up or everyday life which these days can certainly provide enough psychological turmoil and insecurity about a broad spectrum of concerns. These days we might call these fuzzy guitar riffs and strong vocal harmonies indie rock but fans of the better pop punk of the late 90s will find much to like about Lazy Queen’s anthemic choruses and poignant lyrics. What sets this band and this song separate from that older world of music is that words aren’t about some girl who wronged some guy or those kinds of relationship dramas. The lyrics for this song are written from a more general human perspective and the music video depicts romantic escapades between characters whose gender might not be so easy to identify definitively nor does it matter, the situation they’re in is what’s relatable and beset by masked antagonists who try to thwart their being together as symbols of the stumbling blocks in life and in one’s own head toward happiness and even self-acceptance. Watch the video for “Bed/Head” on YouTube and connect with Lazy Queen at the links below.

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