Ben McElroy’s “Bed Down In The Murk” is a Neo-Classical Ambient Manifestation of the Benefits of Slowing the Mind to Open the Spirit

Ben McElroy uses a slowly shimmering and roiling drone to ease us into “Bed Down In The Murk.” The word usage in the title suggests a foggy, dark place of ambient menace. But the song and its impressionistic violin phrases echoing into a an indeterminate distance like a lonely player inspired by a hazy sunset. Thus the word “murk” takes on another implied meaning, not gloomy but of a mist that obscures the everyday world within which in your private physical and by extension psychological place the imagination can wander and the mind open to the unexpected or at least to uncoil from having to focus on so many of the mundane things we’ve created to prevent ourselves on a collective level from putting our energies toward creating a civilization where the focus is on doing great things with compassion and creativity rather than on being merely “productive” in the demented sense that is the focus now. This song sounds like it’s informed by these subconscious, low key, rebellious impulses that exist in all people and upon which McElroy is drawing the energies to inform the gentle pacing and flow of “Bed Down In The Murk” and following our better instincts. Listen to the song on YouTube and connect with McElroy at the links below. Look out for the full length album How I Learnt to Disengage From the Pack out January 28 on The Slow Music Movement.

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