“Следы Великана” (Giant Footprints) by Andrey Pobem is an Ambient and Field Recording Journey to Reconnecting With the Youthful Mind

Andrew Pobem, photo courtesy the artist

Andrey Pobem has created a non-linear cinematic listening experience for us with his song “Следы Великана” (in Latin alphabet “Sledy Velikana” or “Giant Footprints”). A female vocalist hums the traditional lullaby “Hush, Little Baby” in a fashion suggesting a distant, childhood dream comes in with an incandescent drone as the sound of children on a playground hangs in the near distance. But where the song hits perhaps most evocatively is in the middle when drawn out organ sounds and processed bells swim with lingering major key tones and a simple, impressionistic piano figure. It suggests being in a state of journey into deep memory and the subconscious. Sharp, bright sounds pop into the mix and spiral off like otherworldly birds startled into flight. The processional pace brings to mind that timeless quality of a dream that has escaped from the everyday references into more expansive existential possibilities. The arc of melody wrapped around growing through layers of hazy drones feels like the shaking off of the mind’s conscious limitations into the realm of pure imagination unhindered by anything needing to obey the logic of regular life. Children more easily tap into that region of the brain freely and the sounds of children returning later in the track as a kind of unspoken motif is a reminder to the listener that it’s very healthy to embrace that aspect of our brains to replenish the spirit. The outro reprising the “Hush, Little Baby” section from earlier serves to solidify the heady moments experienced throughout the rest of the song, bookending this musical tale of journeying back to a youthful state of mind with one’s adult knowledge intact. The challenge is what will one do with this perspective we often forget? Listen to “Следы Великана” on Soundcloud and follow Andrey Pobem at the links below.

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