Take the Interlude to the Secret Bonus Level With Gaëtan Vigier on the 8-Bit Synthwave Crime Drama “Braquage”

Gaëtan Vigier, image courtesy the artist

“Braquage” by Gaëtan Vigier sounds like a secret side story of Castlevania where you get to loot as much of Count Dracula’s hidden treasure vault as possible in three minutes, thirty-seven seconds. The screen glitches out in cadence with Vigier’s pulsing beat like Perturbator soundtracking the aforementioned section of the video game accessible only through exploiting an alternate route through the game and entering a secret code attained by jotting down characters clandestinely visible on every few screens. The lively 8-bit tune and its shifting, urgent tones is irresistible and just as the title suggests, in English it means “Robbery,” it feels like you’re getting away with something thrilling. The single is out now on Vigier’s Arcade Bit 1 imprint, listen on Soundcloud and connect with all things from the artist on his website linked below.


Author: simianthinker

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