Asher Fleming’s “sorenashi” is a Genre Bending, Chill Synth Pop Standout

Asher Fleming, photo courtesy the artist

Asher Fleming is a producer and songwriter from Atlanta, GA whose supremely unconventional songwriting style is evident from the beginning of “sorenashi.” Drawing inspiration from electronic music including the EDM variety Fleming, who grew up and still avidly plays drums, has stumbled upon a very individual style of synth pop that recalls the early witchhouse stylings of Pictureplane and the glitch-pop work of Killd By. There is an effervescent playfulness to the music that is refreshing to the brain and this unique take on sampling and collage of sounds including Fleming’s sister Isabella on vocals. While very different from it shares an unpredictable expansiveness of spirit and unalloyed creativity and genre hopping heard in artists like Ghösh and 100 gecs. Listen to “sorenashi” on Soundcloud and follow Asher Fleming on Spotify.


Author: simianthinker

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