“Sonic Winds” by Patrick Zelinski x Karl Edh x Ryan Dimmock is Gives Voice to the Empty Spaces of Earth After Humans

“Sonic Winds” is a collaborative track from the EP Dystopia by Patrick Zelinski, Karl Edh and Ryan Dimmock. Patrick Zelinski created all sounds on the track with a real analog eurorack synth witth production by Edh and for at least “Sonic Winds” Ryan Dimmock did overtones with violin later by Edh and Zelinski. In the context of the accompanying music video the doleful layers of sound give voice to a wind traveling through lonely, forgotten places in and on the edge of abandoned human civilization. The distorted synth swell brings a sense of ambient menace as an elegant and strong melody runs through in short emphatic passages that ring out, echoing off the walls of buildings and disappearing into the shadows, the only witness to this music a flock of birds startled from their perch on the rooftop. It evokes an eschatological mood, or more precisely, what it might be like to explore the world after humanity has moved on whether to its own destruction from plague, famine or war or off to outer space or other dimensions in search of greener spaces the likes of which it ruined in the cradle of the species. It’s a thought-provoking piece that is a fantastic soundtrack to urban decay. Watch the video for “Sonic Winds” on YouTube and connect with the creators of this song at the links below.


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