Mild Wild Once Again Cultivates a Deeply Nostalgic Sense of Place and a Time in Life on “Slow Backwards” and “Old Drugs”

Mild Wild “Slow Backwards” and “Old Drugs” single cover

Listening to these songs one imagines Mild Wild setting up microphones at the kinds of buildings he uses for the cover images of his various singles and EPs. Like an urban explorer who realized that these settings have a vibe that could inform some songwriting and provide the acoustic space to inspire the informal, lo-fi production that gives the impressionistic pop songs an undeniable mood that draws you in. As though he imagines the kinds of stories and lives that happened in these old buildings and the resonances with his own lived experience.The vocals in “Slow Backwards” echo slightly in the spoken section and draw out in the choruses with reverse delay on guitar to both take you out of normal time and place you in a separate timeframe in which the song exists, the moment before these buildings are again occupied or bulldozed in the name of some developer’s idea of progress. “Old Drugs” sounds a bit like something that was recorded to an old reel-to-reel and processed through plate reverb giving it an intimate feeling akin to hearing an old blues record but musically more like 90s indiepop and lo-fi rock. The romantic sentiments expressed eschew cliché with strong and sensory imagery. Once again, Mild Wild succeeds in using old recording methods and aesthetics in new ways to create music giving a unique listening and emotional experience that dares to be vulnerable and risks imperfection as a more direct reflection of actual human experience.

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