Swedish Synth Pop Duo Kite’s “Teenage Bliss” is Both Sweetly Melancholic and Uplifting

Kite, photo courtesy the artists

Swedish synth pop duo Kite released the single “Teenage Bliss” in 2020 with production help from Benjamin John Power aka Blanck Mass who was one half of experimental electronic group Fuck Buttons (which went on hiatus in 2021). The latter’s distorted drones, propulsive rhythms and engulfing yet accessible soundscapes was an inspiration for “Teenage Bliss” which is reminiscent of a more industrialized Organisation-period Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark in its evoking of nostalgia for reflective moments in the present. It’s a song that bemoans how as adults you’re disconnected from a sense of newness and freshness for love and life itself the way maybe everything felt super significant all at once when you were in your youth. Though melancholy in sentiment the song is nevertheless ebullient and uplifting in its tonal dynamics. Listen to the song on Spotify and connect with Kite at the links below.


Author: simianthinker

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